Providing Deep Knowledge and Trusted Advice

ZaranTech IT training courses has been steady and clear: provide trusted consulting and professional services in an increasingly complex and growing world. Our playing field is wide and dynamic as well as we endeavor to develop and deliver highly qualified IT consultants to the market. We have a team of greater IT consultants with a wide-ranging diversity of knowledge in diverse spheres, techniques, technology tools and platforms. Our advanced top notch professionals put all of their hard work to work with for the fortune 500 corporations. A combination of professional expertise is focusing on different domain training and providing the most comprehensive services predominantly in Recruitment (Permanent & Temp staffing) and Training . We ensure adherence to promise and quality.

Our Vision

To be known as THE CONSULTANT who sets standard in representation Unfaltering Valued Service with a promises to moral business practices. Zaran Tech’s dream is to be the leading international IT training and consulting Services Corporation, appreciated for our outstanding specialists, and trust with our clients most significant business challenges.

Our Mission

Accelerate with era and present an elevated extent of excellence, by being inventive, supple and rendering individual approach.

Mission Values

Our Values

To develop and deliver exceptional IT consultants to outside world
To provide innovative training solution for individuals and corporations
To put sincere efforts towards fulfilling commitments
To coach excellence in technology, business and people skills
To communicate effectively with an open mind to facilitate transparency
Never compromise on service quality
Our Objectives

Be a client motivated association.
Create an environment encouraging for learning and delivering results
Recognize and evaluate the market requisite on a continuous basis
make sure steadiness in service across all sections
Six mutual values emphasize about Zarantech’s professionals efforts:

1. Clients: Our first priority

2. People: Our most valuable asset

3. Integrity: Without compromise

4. Pride: In the quality of our work

5. Excellence: Through passion

6. Commitment: To improving the company

We are supported by coalition partners, network connections and telecommuting supervisors across boundaries in achieving our objectives. Our challenge lies in meeting the client’s need within the stipulated time and practicing the best business ethics to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction. We believe – we are distinctive, for we differ the way we serve